A Weekend in Colonial Williamsburg

Bella at The Governor’s House/Photo by Jen

Amtrak was having a Spring time fare sale from Washington, DC to Williamsburg, VA, we jumped right in and took advantage of the sale- to visit Colonial Williamsburg.  

We boarded Northeast Regional train number 83 at 5:50 PM from Washington DC, Union Station.  The ride took close to 4 hours, by 9:45 pm we were in Williamsburg, VA.

Colonial Williamsburg is an entire town, acres and acres of beautiful neighborhoods, with over 40 operating sites, taking you back to the 18th century way of life in Virginia.  They make history fun.  You don’t only walk on history, but you become part of it, by engaging with the performers, asking questions, and by learning about our past. 

Williamsburg Inn/ Photo by Jen


We purchased a special 3- day/ 2-night hotel package from Colonial Williamsburg- the Revolutionary City Package, which included overnight stays at The Governor’s Inn.  In addition to hotel accommodations, the package also included tickets to Colonial Williamsburg for the length of our stay, and a refillable Tavern Mug for each traveler. The price for the package was an affordable $273 for 2 adults and a child.  The Governor’s Inn was not my favorite hotel.  It was OK, not terrible, but we picked this property because it is located a block from the Amtrak train station.  We walked to the hotel from the station.  The property shows signs of age and needs renovation, but it was clean, with an outdoor pool, and it had all the amenities we needed.  In the future, I would consider staying at other properties such as the Williamsburg Lodge or the magnificent Williamsburg Inn.

Our Experience:

At the Weaver’s Shop/ Photo by Jen

We woke up early and enjoyed a free breakfast at the Governor’s Inn, took a short Uber ride to the Regional Visitor’s Center to redeem our tickets and start our Colonial Williamsburg experience.  The Visitor’s Center is a great place to start, as you can find information on events and activities happening during your visit.  While you are there, pick up a map.  They have an awesome gift shop, clean restrooms, and plenty of history to learn.  Once we got all the information we needed, we hopped in the complimentary shuttle and started our tour of the historic area.  It is a beautiful place. The quaint shops, charming gardens and courtyards, and picturesque streets are wonderful to walk in.  In and out we marched, visiting the blacksmith shop, apothecary, bindery, and brickyard shops. Some of my favorite places were the wigmaker, the tailor, and the shoe maker’s shops.  Loved pastries from the bakery, drinks at the charming taverns, and visiting the weaver’s shop.  Isabella had a chance to weave in the weaver’s shop, this was exciting for her.  There are military enactments, horse carriages rides, and the magnificent Governor’s Palace.  There was so much to do.  We had two full days of visiting different areas but did not have a chance to view it all.  We need a second trip to truly fully enjoy everything Colonial Williamsburg has to offer.

Outside the Governor’s House/ Photo by Governor’s Staff

On our second day at Colonial Williamsburg, we purchased tickets to attend an evening dance at the Governor’s Palace.  This was an awesome addition to our visit.  The Governor’s Palace is luxurious and beautifully furnished.  The gardens are lovely, and the dresses and hair styles the ladies wore were splendid.  There was live music, and volunteers in attendance, including my Isabella, took the floor of the beautiful ballroom and learned steps and dances of the 18th century.  It was a fun event, I highly recommend events like this one, as it gives you insight in to the era and the way of living of the epoch. 

At Social Terrace/ Photo by Gallo


There are many family friendly dining options available in Colonial Williamsburg.  I recommend having cocktails and wings at Sweet Tea & Barley, in the Williamsburg Lodge.  They have awesome wings, and live music on the weekends.  Check out the beautiful lobby and outdoor patio, it is very relaxing.   For well crafted cocktails and beautiful views of the golf course, I recommend you visit The Social Terrace at the Williamsburg Inn.  Elegant, with excellent crafted cocktails, and yummy bites.  This property is beautiful, you will enjoy taking pictures at the lobby, the gardens, and the fountains.  Huzzah’s Eatery is a great place to enjoy casual dining, it is kid friendly, at good prices.  To dine outside of the Colonial Williamsburg area, I highly recommend visiting Captain Georges, this is the place for seafood lovers.  Do not leave the Williamsburg area without dining at Captain Georges, you will regret it!    

Inside the Courthouse/ Photo by Gallo

Train Fare:

Fare price for our Amtrak train ticket was $58 per person for roundtrip tickets in reserved coach class seats.

Carriage Rides at Colonial Williamsburg/ Photo by Jen


I highly recommend visiting Colonial Williamsburg, for couples, families, and those traveling solo as well.  It is a beautiful place.  Full of history, learning opportunities, and relaxation options.  I suggest you check out special packages that include lodging and tickets, as this is a much cheaper option than buying separate.  If you want to extend your vacation, you can visit other attractions in the area such as Bush Gardens Williamsburg, Historic Jamestowne, Jamestown Settlement, or the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown.  Download the Colonial Williamsburg Explorer app to get access to your digital tickets, special coupons, directions, and event calendar. We enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg and enjoyed our Amtrak train ride to get there.  It was convenient and relaxing, as we did not have to deal with traffic.  Riding the train is always a great option.

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15 thoughts on “A Weekend in Colonial Williamsburg

  1. Wow! The place is like frozen in time. I wish I could get to experience that place when I’m more free to fly out and about 😂 never been to a colonial place before so, this is great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is wonderful. Get Colonial Williamsburg in your bucket list.


  2. Michael David Oyco March 12, 2019 — 12:34 am

    Looks fine! Haven’t been there but I would like too someday. Hopefully soon. More photos please!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice place to travel in time. People so nice , good food and I tried one of the best Gin Tonic in one of the Hotels.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nice place to travel in time. People so nice , good food and I tried one of the best Gin Tonic in one of the Hotels.


  5. Looks like you had a great weekend! I want to wear those traditional clothes too! That reminds me of my trip to MBC Dramia in Korea. I wish to wear the traditional clothes of the countries I visit.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m a solo traveler, I would add Colonial Williamsburg to my bucket list as the packages are too not much expensive.
    And I love the place.

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  7. This looks like such a great experience for your daughter! I remember doing stuff like this when I was a kid and it made quite an impression.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree Liz! I found that taking these trips are the best learning experience. We either reinforce something already learned or learn something brand new!


  8. Your post brought back memories. In 2014, we had a wonderful time vacationing at Colonial Williamsburg. It was an amazing vacation.


  9. Thank you for taking us on this journey in colonial williamsburg! The ballroom and dance lessons seem like fun!


  10. This is a great getaway for every family member! Learning and fun combined, it looks so much fun!


  11. Oh wow talk about immersing yourself in history. I’d love to spend a weekend learning more about the American history.

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  12. Colonial Williamsburg looks like a wonderful place to visit. I am somewhat of a history buff, and I think I would really enjoy exploring because of its rich history. I also like that you can take the train.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the Amtrak station is very convenient and no dealing with traffic!


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