Staycation with your Valentine!

Relaxing Mode Photo by Jen

Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to escape.  If you do not have $600 to book the next flight to Europe, or the time to go on a week-long vacation, a short staycation is a perfect option for you.

What is a Staycation?

A staycation is a vacation spent in your own town, city, neighborhood.  It is taking day trips to local attractions, while staying in a local hotel, or even at home.  Staycation is booking a night or two at a local hotel to do nothing, except relax! It’s all about relaxing, pampering yourself and those joining you.  I love staycationing!!!   We do it often, usually to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or in-between vacations. 

What do you do when Staycationing?

In my family, we are foodies, so usually, our staycations involve good food and yummy cocktails, a visit to the hotel gym, pool, spa, or playing chess or checkers while sipping a flute of champagne.  I love breakfast in bed, and not having to cook the breakfast is the best part of staycationing. We usually stay and enjoy all the hotel facilities, sleep till late, and finish our night with a nice dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

Valentine’s Day Staycation

Around Valentine’s Day is an excellent time to take advantage of a staycation.  Hotels usually offer special rates and packages that include roses, chocolates, champagne, and dinner.  Groupon and TravelZoo usually advertise amazing prices for local hotel rooms, dinners, and spa services.  Take advantage of the discounts offered by hotels during the holidays and low seasons.

So, if you don’t have enough cash to jet to Europe, take a staycation! Staycation means no airport TSA or Security Lines! Surprise your Valentine with a Romantic Staycation, you will earn brownie points.

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2 thoughts on “Staycation with your Valentine!

  1. No waiting list , no lines , usually for valentines restaurants are pack bad service food doesn’t comes good. Is great idea hotels do everything for you reservation and if anything goes wrong you make a fair complaint and you get points or discount.

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