Get Travel Insurance!

What would you do if while taking your dream trip to Europe you twisted and broke your ankle, and now need medical evacuation?  Or if you got into an accident while in your safari trip in Africa, how would you pay for the 50K in hospital bills? Or if while waiting to go to your dream destination (that one vacation you saved years to take) suddenly a civil war breaks and the State Department issues a travel warning advising that you change plans- everything has been pre-paid, your ticket, your hotel, your tours, etc.  Unfortunately, if you did not get insurance, you may lose all the money you have spent on your vacation.   My first recommendation for travelers- GET INSURANCE!  I believe that every responsible traveler should consider purchasing travel insurance as soon as they book their trip.

I have read and heard horror stories of people getting into accidents so severe, and needing medical evacuation back to their country of residency.  One specific story that struck me, was of a woman getting into an accident while visiting Mexico, needed hospitalization and then getting hit with thousands of dollars in charges, and the hospital not releasing her until the entire bill was paid.  I have heard stories of accidental deaths, dismemberment, wars, strikes, accidents, natural disasters, and travelers losing every single penny they spent on their dream vacation, all because they did not insure their trip.

The main reason why you should consider buying travel insurance is: Medical coverage-most health insurances do not cover expenses outside the country in which they are issued, and those that do, have coverage limits, and out of pocket costs travelers are responsible for paying. 

In addition to medical coverage, most travel insurances offer cancellation coverage- meaning you get a last-minute injury prior to your trip and can’t travel, the insurance would reimburse you for your trip expenses.

Trip delay- if your trip is delayed for x number of hours or more, insurance can cover hotel accommodations, meals, telephone calls, local transportation and many more expenses incurred during a trip delay you had no control over.

Baggage loss or delay- well, this is another reason why insurance is so important, damaged, or lost baggage can ruin a vacation fast.

Death and dismemberment- God forbids you die while on vacation, loose your sight, loose a limb, I mean I do not know, anything can happen.

Bottom line is that accidents happen, people get ill, natural disasters happen all the time, and unless you have insurance coverage, you may lose a lot of money.  Travel insurance is not expensive, and totally worth having. Shop around, check out coverage options, costs, and get insurance for your next trip. 

As I am writing this, my mother and two of my siblings are scheduled to vacation in Nicaragua, unfortunately there is civil unrest currently going on.  The US Department of State has issued a warning to American Citizens traveling to Nicaragua, suggesting they change their plans.  Unfortunately, mom skipped the $30 insurance and is now stuck with a flight she cannot get reimbursed for, she may lose her money because she rather not travel while this civil unrest is going on.  I had told her many times, get insurance each time you travel, hopefully she will learn her lesson and consider purchasing next time she travels. 

Photo by Nicole Harrington on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “Get Travel Insurance!

  1. I have always disregarded travelers insurance, but you made me think of some really good reasons I shouldn’t. Thank you!


    1. Thanks Ania, it’s very little price to pay for peace of mind. The goal is never to use it, but it’s great to have it just in case.


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